It's Not Easy Being Princesses
It's not easy being a princess
Inspired by the Walt Disney princesses and the iconic shot of HRH Princess Margaret taken by Ken Griffiths, this work comments on the harmful ideas and values that popular culture and the mass media have forced on us harming generations of human beings.

The photo was taken in 1986 but unpublished until the Princess' death, on the 9th of February 2002, when it appeared on The Telegraph's front cover. The image made a comeback in 2020, when a copy of the pillow was made for the acclaimed Netflix series The Crown.
To mark the 20th anniversary of her death The Ken Griffiths Bureau invited 20 artists to reinterpret the iconic image.
The body of work will be shown in an exhibition curated by Giulia Calvi and published in a book retracing the history of the image and its rebirth in the contemporary art world.